Tony Voss: Chris Mann – Rudiments of Grace. Stanzas, Number 13, September 2018

Nicholas Meihuizen: Chris Mann Belonging, the Shades and Redemption (English-in-Africa)

Molly Brown: Light on the shades complex constructions of identity in the poetry of Chris Mann (English Academy Review)

Stan Galloway: Home from Home review (Contemporary World Literature)

David Jasper: Review (Literature and Theology)

Chris Miller: Ways of Being a Poet (PN Review, UK)

Paul Walters: Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary (Epiphanies review, Grocott’s Mail)

Nicholas Meihuizen: The Persistence of Spirit (Literator – Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies)

Marco Fazzini: Italy, World War II and South African Poetry (English Literature | 3 | 2016) 

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