Bees are remarkable. They date back to the time plants began to spread round the planet. Their pollination increased the evolution of numerous plant species whose photosynthesis increased the oxygen in an atmosphere otherwise hostile to our human breathing. Yes, the hives you see in this video are in my garden. I wrote Sweet Smell of Honey to celebrate bees - sit back and enjoy the beat of the buzz and the buzz of the beat.

Hinterland Heroes is a poem made into music which celebrates unsung heroes living in small towns and the rural backveld of South Africa.

The words and haunting melody line of The Rainbow Hidden In The Storm convey the feelings of Fafa Hopkins towards the environmental crisis and other contemporary global issues. The chorus, partially in Xhosa, affirms the importance of continuing to strive for remedies. The orchestral backing enhances the poetic images of the lines, and creates an anthem of compassion that speaks to our times.

Gijimani is an upbeat song about the Comrades Marathon, the most iconic ultramarathon in the world. Founded in South Africa after World War I to commemorate the fallen, the event now attracts men and women from all over the world and has become a symbol of peaceful diversity - 'Mandela's dream on track', as the song puts it. 'Gijimani' is the Zulu word for 'run'. At one level the song is about the determination of long-distance athletes. At another, it's about ordinary people from different backgrounds demonstrating how they challenge the adversities of life peacefully together.

Smiling Through The Tears is a moving ballad which helps a loved one cope with loss and grief.

Aardvark: Quirky images and words contrast the aardvark with human beings and come to a surprising conclusion. Our human species, homo sapiens, evolved in Africa a mere three million years ago. The aardvark has been a resident of Africa for fifty million years, and has developed a lifestyle that is ecologically sustainable.

Take Your Time: The mind is a work-in-progress whatever our age, and particularly among teenagers and young adults. With songs, poems and humour Chris explores this fascinating area of our human existence.

Daydreamin': Fafa Hopkins celebrates that moment when stressed at work you turn from your computer and go outside and lie down on the grass and looking up at the clouds just let go.

Ms South Africa: An uptempo song with an African rhythm that has a refreshingly different take on conventional ideas of beauty.